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I'm just curious as all get-out. Mom to two dudes of my own, three step-awesomes, and a big ole smelly dog. Writer, hiker, photographer, experiencer. I love nothing more than a live concert and a day outside.


Over the last few years everything changed: my job, my husband, my children, my name, my home, my health. So it felt time for a new blog. You can read the old ones here and here, but the way things are starting out, I'm guessing you won't be bored on these pages.

Hey, I'm an adult, and I use swear words sometimes. So be warned: some posts are not suitable for work. 

Speaking of work, I run Erin Graham Consulting, a Marketing and Communications agency. Reach us here for help opening the lines of communication at your school district, law firm, health care or government agency.


Thanks! Message sent.

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